Pull Up a Chair

Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and get ready for a good gab. There are no strangers to a good Maritimer, just people we haven’t met yet, and you can sure we’ll ask “what’s your father’s name?”

Life is best shared, cherished and celebrated in the kitchens and dooryards of the Maritimes. Big or small, the dooryard is the area encompassing the yard from the front door to the back door of our homes and lawns. Fancy verandas or porches are not needed when you’re in the company of 37534_449624421078_3095038_nfolks in a good dooryard. We pull up lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, some have permanent sofas or may have impromptu seats on the tailgate of a pickup.  The door’s always open, don’t be shy and wait for an invitation. You can be sure of a cuppa coffee or tea and you’ll be fed whatever we’ve got in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy my blog on Maritime traditions, food and lifestyle. I honour the childhood memories of my Nova Scotia heritage and hope you’ll find joy in them too!

The dooryard isn’t fancy but it is for family and friendship. The dishes might not be done but the door is always open and there’s always a seat at the kitchen table.  You will be guaranteed a laugh or two and the tea is always hot.

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